Feeling the need for speed? Sky-Karting is about to ‘Smaaash’ Delhi NCR

New Delhi [India], Nov 19 : Sports enthusiasts rejoice! Smaaash, the sports-based entertainment and gaming company, is all set to introduce 'sky-karting' in Delhi NCR.

The brand new racers' paradise will be launched officially by the brand ambassador of Smaaash, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar on December 6th.

"Our karts are designed to give the most electrifying and sensational experience," said Ashok Cherian, CMO, Smaaash, adding "It's an adrenaline pumping and unique activity that makes for a fantastic day out with friends and family.

When people step out of their karts and remove their helmets, their expressions are simply priceless and very satisfying for us." "It's an increasingly popular pastime and we have already started getting enquiry calls for organizing parties and corporate meet-ups at the track.

It's a great release following a stressful day in the office and work. On weekends one can also enjoy a fabulous brunch spread with delectable food and drinks, at our Pitstop Brew Pub, which is right next to the race circuit," added Cherian.

Taking the level of racing to a whole new level, Smaaash Sky Karting offers a world-class racing track by a Spain and Germany based firm Protex Karting.

The Karting tracks come packed with high technology-based spring barrier system that has been nominated as the best technology for the safety they provide to the driver and karts.

Another highlight of the arena is its electric karts that provide much superior acceleration compared to engine powered karts.

All the gokarts are equipped with exclusive speed control to give track operators an extra degree of ensuring safe fun.

The minimum height required to enjoy sky-karting is four feet and above. Smaaash also has smaller kiddie karts for the young ones. The launch of Sky Karting also commemorates the launch of Pitstop BrewPub at Smaaash, Sector 29 Gurgaon.

It's an English pub inspired cafe concept with a micro-brewery. The cafe is designed with quirky interiors, highlighted by old rustic wooden drawer paneling with cozy amber lighting and contemporary furniture.

It appeals to the discerning consumer of the city, who is well-travelled and likes all things fine. Pitstop Cafe will also be serving for the 1st time freshly brewed beer in the coming month. The beer options are as given below: Beamer- Scottish Beer- 5.9 percent alcohol Googly- Wheat beer- 5.2 percent Full Toss- Dunkel Chocolate- 6.2 percent LBW- Smaaash IPA- 5.9 percent Doosra- Smaaash flavoured beer- 5.5 percent.

Source: ANI