Five essential winter hacks for men to complete seasonal wardrobe

New Delhi [India], Feb. 9 : Dressing for weather is a very significant part of placing together formal clothing. Not only looking good is a concern, but comfort plays a key role in the way a man will feel throughout his day.

Possibly the most useful season in terms of fashion is winter. If you are seeing some new stuffs to complement your existing outfits, or you're eyeing to exchange a few of last year's favourite material, have a look at the five winter hacks that will complete your seasonal wardrobe mentioned below : Agood layering pullover: Winter is all about layering your outfits, then layering them nearly more.

Pullovers are essential layers for keeping warm this winter. There are tons of styles and materials to choose among, too - from woollen cardigans to cashmere pullovers.

The shawl-collar sweater is certainly one of the most current right now though. A puffer vest: Vests are the final layering piece and can be one extra barrier against the cold or turn as a final finishing outfit on marginally warmer days.

Place it over the typically untoppable sweat shirt to keep your limbs enclosed and core toasty. Pair chunkier sweaters with likewise sturdy vests and finer gauge knits with leaner, lightweight ones.

A flannel shirt jacket: Flannel shirts are a lot softer and denser than regular button shirts, making them a preferred choice for colder months.

A suit made in a heavier fabric: Like the rest of your closet, suits should be the changeover for the season.

If you like typical tailoring and fabrics like tweed, flannel, and wool, then the suits with heavy fabrics are easy recommendations for fall and winter.

Being conscious of your environment and dressing accordingly will go a long way in how your outfit looks.

Wear and take care of your leather: Leather jackets are one of the hottest things a man can attire. It can't be tailored, so buy one that fits tightly. Consider going down a size and avoid colors other than black, brown, or grey. This is an investment and you're going to have it a long time, so care for it well..

Source: ANI