Five months after swapping, two babies reunite with biological parents in Shimla

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Oct. 26 : Five months after the two infants, who were swapped at Kamal Nehru Mother and Child Hospital here, on Wednesday reunited with their respective biological parents making both families happy to start a new kind of relationship between them.

The babies - a boy and a girl - were exchanged by the parents in a cordial atmosphere as per Hindu rituals here at the residence of one of the parents at Khalini near the state capital.

The reunion came after the Himachal Pradesh High Court on October 21 directed the authorities to exchange the babies to their real biological parents.

The court directed the infants' parents to resolve the issue and handover babies to the real mothers and had fixed October 26 for the exchange as both are Hindu families.

The parents of one of the babies, who was born on May 26, alleged that their newborn child was swapped, which was later established in the court after the two families offered DNA samples, which matched with each other.

The advocate of the petitioner said after the matter was resolved amicably between both families, they are looking forward to see an action against the responsible authorities.

Earlier, the court had also issued a notice to the state government over parents' petition. Anjana Thakur, the biological mother of the girl child, who is also a staff nurse in a government hospital, said: "It is an emotional and happy moment to get her baby back.

She is disappointed that she will have to return the boy to his biological mother, but feels happy to get her girl child back.

She wants actions against the culprits for swapping the babies.".

Source: ANI