Follow rules, regulations: KVIC tells Fabindia

New Delhi, [India], Feb. 13 : Following the issue of a legal notice to Fabindia, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) on Monday said that the former had violated the rules and regulations of the Khadi Mark Regulation 2003 by attempting to sell the clothing material without obtaining a certificate of registration from the commission.

"We have sent a notice to Fabindia for violation of the Khadi Mark Regulation 2003. According to the regulation, anyone who wishes to sell khadi must obtain a certificate of registration from KVIC.

Fabindia has been issued a legal notice to which they must respond in 15 days," Vinay Kumar Saxena, Chairman, KVIC told ANI.

Kumar further said that they are not against khadi being sold by new organisations, but the rules and regulations must be followed.

"We are not against khadi being sold by new organisations. We want to expand the sale of khadi but rules and regulations must be followed," he added. Recent investigation had revealed that the clothes that were being sold by Fabindia in the name of khadi were actually made out of cotton.

"Investigation revealed that they are selling khadi by name and the worst part is that their clothes mention Fabindia cotton, but the price tag says khadi which makes it clear that it is not khadi but normal mill made cotton," said Kumar.

"If khadi sales increase our artisans gain profit, but the sale of fake khadi results in a loss to our artisans," he added.

He said that Khadi is related to a sentiment and it should not be misused. Fabindia, in 2015 had issued an advertisement which they had claimed to withdrawn following a warning from the KVIC.

However, they again violated the norms of the Khadi Mark Registration (2003) and hence were denied a certificate of registration under the act.

Source: ANI