For Lisa Snowdon, modelling was an escape

London, March 6 : Fashion model Lisa Snowdown has revealed that her ramp career started because she wanted to escape an abusive relationship.

The 49-year old, who is also a television presenter, started her modelling career in early twenties.

"I was in a really bad relationship at the time which began with being mentally abusive and then was physically abusive, it was like my escapism when I went into work," Lisa said on the podcast "She Loves Herself", according to

"I was on these amazing shoots and it was back when they would do really dramatic make up, so I would have my eyebrows drawn on really high, with loads of eyeshadow and the shoots were really creative, so I would go in, almost like an actress and create a different me for the day, and escape that abusive relationship," she added.

The model went on to reveal that while initially her then boyfriend gave her a lot of attention, things eventually took a turn for the worst.

"When we were first together there was lots of attention and the child in you who has craved that love for so long is so happy and it's just like love me love me love me.

But then eventually the attention you are getting from that person turns into a black eye, and somewhere in you, you are so damaged that you believe this is still a sign of affection, this is still attention so you stay there," Lisa said.



Source: IANS