Former Chelsea doctor reveals she received death threats

Johannesburg [South Africa], Nov. 27 : Former Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro has revealed she received death threats following her departure from the club last year.

The 43-year-old doctor left Chelsea in 2015 after public criticism from the then manager, Jose Mourinho, for going onto the pitch to treat a player during a home game against Swansea City.

But later on she settled her case against the club in the summer. "Even though I don't have a presence on social media -- I think I have made one post ever in my life -- some of the threats of sexual violence and death threats make it through," Carneiro was quoted as saying by Sport24 while speaking in an interview to an English daily.

"They (the abusers) just seem to be faceless cowards and they should be answerable to legislation," she added.

Carneiro, who now works at her own clinic in London, feels not enough is being done to eradicate sexism in football.

"I think sexism is the least challenged form of discrimination." she said. "Anti-Semitic and other racist comments are widely condemned and I don't think that is the case (with sexism) and it begs the question what that leaves room for behind the scenes," she added.

"It is widely accepted that football has a discrimination problem. I really do feel that way, but I think it is the least challenged form of discrimination." The 43-year-old, who now works at her own clinic in London, also insisted that she had been "stunned" by the reactions of male colleagues in the medical profession when she made it clear she wanted to train as a football medic.

"Seeking specialist training in certain sports, male colleagues found that quite surprising," she said.

Source: ANI