Four accused arrested in connection of gang-rape of US national

New Delhi [India], Dec. 26 : The Delhi Police on Monday arrested four accused people in connection with the alleged gang-rape of a US national in a five-star hotel here earlier this year.

The four accused include a tour guide, driver, tourist bus helper and a hotel worker. "On December 3, the Delhi police registered an FIR regarding the incident of gang-rape of US national in a hotel.

The complainant was kind, came down to Delhi, got her statement recorded before police and court, helped in collecting evidence," said Deependra Pathak, Joint CP, South West Delhi.

The lady in her complaint stated that she had arrived in Delhi on a tourist visa earlier in March this year and was staying at the hotel, where the crime took place.

Reports suggest that the tourist guide during her stay arrived at the hotel along with four friends one day.

The men shared a few drinks in the lady's room following which they allegedly took turns to rape her. The woman, who went back to the U.S. traumatised by the incident, had gone into depression..

Source: ANI