Framers at Singhu gear up to beat summer heat and continue protest

New Delhi, Feb 17 : Farmers sitting on protest against the Government's new farms laws have started preparing to face the scorching summer heat at Singhu village.

They are planning to install fans, coolers, generators at the protest site.

There are two stages set up at the Singhu protest site -- one stage facing toward Delhi where the protesting farmers can be seen sitting at an open space, while the second stage is near Kundli village (border area of Delhi and Haryana), which is fully covered with tarpaulin.

The farmers leaders told IANS that various social organisations have come forward to provide fans and coolers to the protesting farmers.

"We are preparing to replace these tarpaulin-made tents under which farmers have been sitting for over 80 days braving chilly winds so far.

With the summer having started and with every passing day becoming hotter, we are planning to install fans and coolers and if need be, air conditioners will also be provided.

The changes would happen in the next couple of days," said Kulveer Singh, a resident of Hoshiarpur district in Punjab, who is also a member of the Krantikari Kisan Union.

He said that volunteers have started preparing for initiating the changes at the protest sites.

"Two such setups have already come up behind both the stages. We are not only planning to beat the summer heat but we will also ensure that farmers get chilled potable water in the coming days."

Apart from tarpaulin shades or plastic tents, most of the farmers stay in their tractor-trolleys they have brought from their villages.

All the tractor-trolleys parked across the road or outside (Delhi-Chandigarh highway) could be seen covered with tarpaulin.

Many tractor-trolleys that have carried farmers from different villages and districts from Haryana and Punjab are fitted with fans to provide cool air to the farmers.



Source: IANS