Frankfurt airport: Indian woman asked to strip as part of ‘random security check’

New Delhi [India], April. 1 : An Indian woman was allegedly forced to remove her clothes as part of 'random security checks' while she was on her way to Iceland via Germany with her family.

The 30-year old, an Indian passport holder Icelandic residence permit, was travelling with her Icelandic husband and a four year old daughter when the incident happened.

As claimed by the woman in a Facebook Post, she was travelling to Iceland from India, via Frankfurt when she was asked to move aside for the 'random check' and with no other explanations offered.

"I was taken into a room, and was asked to lift my dress/ take it off so that I could be checked to make sure I wasn't 'carrying anything under my clothes'.

This whole ordeal happened in front of my 4 year old," the woman said in the post. Telling her ordeal she said, "I was given no explanation as to why I was put through this ordeal. My constant requests to be patted down gently because of a recent abdominal surgery (proof of which I was carrying on hand) was constantly ignored and resulted in being shouted at aggressively by the woman in charge.

She then proceeded to call her supervisor who parroted the same lines about how they wanted me to take my dress off." The woman was the only person pulled aside for the strip search, she adds alleging it to be a case of racial profiling.

Source: ANI