Free Balochistan Movement organises protests for removal of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons

London [UK], May 30 : The Free Balochistan Movement recently organised simultaneous protests in several western countries as part of its ongoing international awareness campaign for the freedom of Balochistan.

Most specifically, the protests were against testing Pakistan's nuclear weapons in Balochistan and China-Pakistan nexus in plundering Balochistan's natural resources.

One among Pakistan's numerous war crimes in Balochistan is the testing of their atomic bomb in Balochistan.

Pakistan had selected Balochistan for testing their nuclear bombs on 28 May, 1998. These tests were conducted in the Koh Kambaran and Raaskoh range of Chaghai hills in Balochistan. As result of these tests, a vast area in Balochistan has been contaminated with nuclear radiation toxic.

Much of this area has become uninhabitable and most of animals and plants in this vicinity are destroyed.

People have developed all sorts of diseases and deformities. Hence, the nuclear weapons of Pakistan are a threat which exists to the whole world including Balochistan.

The protesters were carrying placards and banners described with different slogans against Pakistan's nuclear weapons and China-Pakistani nexus in London.

Some banners and placards read, "Balochistan is not Pakistan", "Pakistan's nuclear weapons are a threat to world peace", "Dismantle Pakistan's nuclear weapons before extremist get them", "Balochistan says no to nuclear weapons", "China hands off Balochistan" and many others.

Speaking from the occasion the leader of Free Balochistan Movement, Hyrbyair Marri, said that Pakistan now possesses Tactical nuclear weapons which even a unit of Pakistan Army can use.

"Such weapons are not only a threat to Balochistan but they are a danger to the entire world," he added.

Marri also strongly criticised the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and said that China and Pakistan have recolonised Balochistan.

"The world only remembers and talks about colonisations of 17th, 18th and 19th-century colonisation but Balochistan in 21st Century is facing the worst form of terrorism and colonisation.

"The head of United Nation was present during One Belt One Road Summit in China to support the Chinese colonisation," he said.

Marri said Baloch want peace and stability in the region. "We don't want the world to start another world war because of China's expansionist designs. Hence, we urge the educated and conscious minded people of the world to raise their voice against the illegal occupation of Balochistan and China's role in strengthening Balochistan's forcible occupation," he added.

Germany: Hundreds of Baloch activists organised a half an hour rally in Germany's Dusseldorf city to protest against Pakistan's nuclear weapons and China-Pakistani nexus in Balochistan.

The protesters were carrying banners and placard, they chanted slogans against Pakistani state sponsored terrorism in Balochistan and around the world.

They also distributed leaflets as they march through streets of the city. Local people expressed their sympathy with the Baloch nation and strongly condemned Pakistani state's human rights violations in Balochistan.

In Canada, the FBM activists organised an awareness campaign programme in front of the Art Gallery in Vancouver.

Many Canadian and other people visited the FBM awareness stall and expressed their support and solidarity with people of Balochistan.

Veteran activists were shocked to know that the world is ignoring Pakistani state atrocities against Baloch people.

In the United States, the FBM activists organised a protest in front of the White House to condemn Pakistan nuclear tests in Balochistan in 1998.

The protester shouted slogans against Pakistani state terrorism in Balochistan. They demanded the U.S. Government to stop supporting Pakistan unless Balochistan issue is resolved. The FBM activists said U.S. and rest of the world's civilized nations should support Baloch because the Baloch like the Kurds are a secular nation and they are against all forms of religious extremism and terrorism all over the world.

In Sweden, activists of Free Balochistan Movement organised a protest demonstration in Gothenburg. A large number of Swedish Human Rights activists participated in the FBM protest to express their solidarity with the people of Balochistan.

The protesters distributed leaflets in Swedish language and were carrying banners and placards. Activists of Rattvise Socialist Party also supported the FBM protest and strongly condemned Pakistan's Human Rights violations in Balochistan.

In the Netherlands, Baloch activists held an awareness campaign in Amsterdam and distributed leaflets about the dangers of Pakistan's nuclear weapons to world peace.

The campaign was held at Museumplein Amsterdam where some members of the Free Balochistan Movement wore helmets and masks while they give out pamphlets.

In Norway, the FBM activists organised a demonstration in front of the Norwegian parliament. The activists informed Norwegian and other human rights defenders about the effect of Pakistan's nuclear weapons on local people of the region where Pakistan tested its dirty nukes.

The protesters demanded demand immediate formation of an independent body of scientists, journalists, and Baloch representatives under authority of the United Nations and a group representing the major democratic nations the USA and the European community to go to Balochistan and conduct a careful study of the impact of Pakistani nuclear tests in Balochistan and present their report to the world.

They demand the removal of all nuclear materials, weapons, and waste under the supervision of the United Nations from Balochistan after this report is being compiled.

The activists also demanded the perpetrators of crime against Baloch people should be put on trial in an international court of justice and they should compensated Baloch people for the harms done to them.

Source: ANI