Free WiFi in Delhi comes in for praise

New Delhi, Dec 4 : Many Twitter users on Wednesday hailed the announcement by the Kejriwal government for providing free WiFi in Delhi.

#AAPKaWifi trended with 7,684 tweets, with users posting clippings of the announcement made by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on setting up 11K hotspots initially in the national capital and free 15GB data.

Several AAP supporters posted memes to make fun of the opposition BJP.

Reacting to a news post about BJP MP Gautam Gambhir accusing Kejriwal of lying to the public and indulging is vote-bank politics on the issue, one user remarked: "He doesn't want free WiFi.

He wants free jalebis at every stall".

Another posted a list about free water, electricity, new schools, CCTVs, Mohalla Clinics and the accusations that all these were connected to vote- bank politics.

He tagged Gambhir and asked: "Why can't you do such vote-bank politics?".

One post explained the dictionary meaning of word manifesto: A written statement of promises of a political party.

"For AAP: Equivalent to Geeta, Quran, Bible.

To be completed in 5 years. For Congress: A document written by Nehru and will be valid for ever. For BJP: toilet paper".

One user posted a meme of Gambhir accepting a man of the match award, with 'one kg jalebi' written on the cardboard cheque.



Source: IANS