Gear up for Asia’s Biggest TechHR Conference at Gurgaon

New Delhi, Aug 1 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): It's an exciting time for HR - more and more businesses are redefining their models, their cultural fabric and their world-of-work to adapt to the digital paradigm.

This year, People Matters, the 360 degree knowledge and media platform in the HR space is proud to present their flagship event - TechHR16 on August 4 and 5 at Leela Gurgaon, where the industry experts will debate, discuss, and deliberate how HR Transformation leveraging the power of technology can be the edge for business digital transformation.

We have leading HR leaders in the two-day event talking to about 1000+ delegates about learning, unlearning things about tech-HR amalgamation.

Commenting on the third edition of TechHR, Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, People Matters shared, "Many analysts have coined that the digital economy is the 3rd industrial revolution, comparable in scale and impact to how electrification affected life and work.

The potential of digital is clear to business leaders, but organizations are struggling on how to practically execute a digital vision." "I believe technology will provide organizational clarity and enable leaders to make faster HR decisions.

Without technology, we're making assumptions instead of recommendations. Social media has created an interconnected HR community, but I look forward to networking with global colleagues at TechHR," said Former CHRO Author and Strategist, Laurie Ruettimann.

People Matters is also proud to reveal our annual HR-Tech Study 2016 at the conference. The Study was done in partnership with SAP India. With a sample size of 170 industry leaders, the People Matters - SAP HR Technology Study showed that as many as 98 percent organizations have some HR Technology in place; but dominantly, the technology is being leveraged still for the administrative function.

About 79 percent organizations have automated performance management, 79 percent have automated HR Operations, 70 percent have automated recruitment, and 60 percent have automated learning and development.

However, the study also tracked the areas where technology adoption is the lowest - only 19 percent organizations have adopted technology in Succession Planning, while just 36 percent have adopted it in Rewards and Recognition.

Learn more about the Study at the TechHR16 conference. This year TechHR16 comes with three parallel tracks along with Un-conference. Theme Theatre will be on the broad conversation on key themes and trends on business, digital and transformation; the Insight Theatre is about Case Studies, practical master classes, and engaging conversations; Lab Theatre is about exploratory sessions, provocative keynotes and hands-on experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Our esteemed panel of speakers and industry leaders include Josh Bersin, Gerry Crispin, N S Rajan, Pratik Kumar, Shrikanth Balachandran, Arun Dhaka, Krish Shankar, Vlasta Dusil, Anju Seth, Steve Ehrlich, Jon Ingham, China Gorman, Yash Mahadik.

T K Srirang, HR Head at ICICI Bank talks about tech in HR, "Technology is a tool that on one hand will disrupt existing business models and on the other hand will offer innovative and new solutions to these disruptions.

Only those organizations that are willing to be agile, innovate, challenge status quo and learn and re-learn will succeed in the marketplace of tomorrow.

Building a robust learning culture in the organization is imperative for its transformation in response to changing situations and requirements.

Date with design thinking: The boundary between Design and Innovation are blurring by the day and organizational architects need to be on top of their game.

Learn from leaders in the fields of Arts, Technology, Marketing, Strategy, and Information how to align design, innovation, and business disruption.

Masterclass on Digital Storytelling - The new way: With snacking content gaining traction across digital and social platforms, is it enough to rehash offline communication today? Should brands be thinking about 'Made for Digital' content for telling their brand stories.

In pursuit of emotions at the workplace: We have been traditionally taught to leave emotions outside the work place.

Clinical conversations and clipped power points have become the tools for a successful manager. But we might be missing a trick here. Emotions are an integral part of every person, and by tapping into them, we might be able to power the organization's growth.

With changing workforce and a large number of millennial joining it, leveraging emotions might hold the key to successful organizations.

Our TechWorks sessions will include examples of top-notch companies like Fidelity, Google, Future Group among others who will talk about leveraging technology in their HR processes: some of the notably interesting sessions are TechWorks @Fidelity on Virtual Reality; TechWorks @Future Group on Scope of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in HR; TechWorks @Google on Google way leverage Technology to enhance efficiency.

Anju Seth, Virginia Tech, talks about how analytics have been changing the business processes. "Competing on analytics using statistical techniques for fact-based decision making has produced notable results in a variety of business areas.

For example, customer analytics technology has revolutionized business decision-making in market segmentation and customer relationship management.

Similarly, a strategic approach to deploying HR analytics has tremendous potential for strengthening HR processes for talent acquisition, management and retention towards greater effectiveness in meeting business goals.


Source: ANI