Gen Mathson pitches for ‘battlefield tourism’ in Rajasthan

Bharatpur, Sep 13 : Lt. General Cherish Mathson, Army Commander, South-Western Command, on Thursday pitched for 'battlefield tourism', saying the government should allow tourists access to such areas in Rajasthan to spur tourism.

"As a travel body, the Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA) should discuss the issue with the government to ensure that tourists have easier access to borders," said the General while addressing the IHHA's 7th annual convention in Bharatpur.

He said heroic tales of victorious battles fought in Rajasthan should be shared with tourists.

"Rajasthan's history is replete with battles which form an integral part of the state heritage and culture.

Historical battles attract the interest of the general public owing to their tremendous emotional appeal of valour," he said.

The General said 'battlefield tourism' needs to be recognised as a sub-genre of tourism. "Battlefield areas need to be made accessible to people and infrastructure such as hotels and transportation needs to be established.

This form of tourism can be started as a pilot project in Rajasthan," he said.

He also suggested that a body of educated and well-informed tourist guides needs to be created.

The General pointed out the war museum of Jaisalmer attracts more tourists on particular days than the Fort of Jaisalmer.

He also touched upon the importance of historical places such as Haldighati, Chittorgarh and Jodhpur where several medieval battles were fought.

An exhibition featuring various hospitality and industry related products was inaugurated by Rajasthan Tourism Minister Krishnendra Kaur.

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Source: IANS