Gender Disparity should be opposed with full force says Congress

New Delhi [India], Oct. 22 : The Congress Party on Saturday opposed the dress code decision of Kerala Government Medical College (KGMC) for female students, and called on the latter to oppose it.

Congress spokesperson Shobha told ANI, "It is so unfortunate that day-by-day, we are becoming regressive in our thoughts and actions.

All bans are brought in this country only for women and girls. The country is trying to dictate as to what a girl will wear, when she will come and go, where she will go, what she will eat," "All bans are for girls and such gender disparity should be opposed with full force, No such diktat should be accepted and allowed in any campus," she added.

Earlier, the Confederation of Medical College Doctors called on the college to introduce a rationale dress code without discrimination.

Member of the Confederation of Medical College Doctors, Santhosh Kumar, said "For example, what is wrong with jeans as everyone is comfortable and it is worn by all in Kerala.

Same goes for leggings and tee shirts. Discrepancies like if women are wearing sarees, why not ask the men to wear mundus as well? It is also a socially acceptable form of clothing." Kumar called on the management of the college to mull over the demands of their students, keep their comfort in mind and reconsider changing the dress code.

Source: ANI