Germany grants asylum to Turkish soldiers

Moscow [Russia], May 9 : German authorities have decided to grant asylum to Turkish soldiers and officials stationed at NATO bases, who have been termed as disloyal officials by Ankara after a failed coup in Turkey in July 2016.

Several Turkish soldiers and their families who had previously stationed at Nato facilities in Germany have filed applications for asylum in Germany after facing prosecution charges following the failed coup of July 15, 2016.

"Only 'several' Turkish soldiers and their families have been so far given asylum in Germany. The asylum seekers are reportedly Turkish officials with diplomatic passports who used to be stationed at NATO bases in Germany and were later dismissed by Ankara," Russia Today reported.

A total of 414 asylum applications had been filed in less than a year by Turkish soldiers, diplomats, judges and other government officials living in Germany.

German authorities' decision to grant asylum to Turkish officials is likely to escalate the tensions between Ankara and Berlin.

Erdogan has accused Germany of acting like "Nazis" and "fascists" as Berlin banned referendum rallies to drum up support for the President.

The failed coup led to massive crackdown on political dissidents and mass arrests of people including military officers, journalists and judges.

Source: ANI