Give your airport look a fashionable twist

New Delhi, Jan 27 : What makes for a perfect airport outfit? It is one that is a perfect amalgamation of style, comfort and practicality.

Vedang Patel, Co-founder and Director at The Souled Store, and Sanjeev Mukhija, Founder at Breakbounce Streetwear, share some pointers that will help you make a fashion statement while you are travelling:

* Multi-pocketed outfits: To ensure that all the essential items like passport, boarding pass, keys, phone and wallet are carried along, multi-pocketed clothes offer a smart alternative.

To keep the necessary stuff handy, you can sport a cargo pant or a jacket with multiple pockets to add to your coolness quotient on the go.

* Breathable fabrics: Especially for the long haul flights, breathable fabric like cotton helps maintain the cleanliness and comfort.

These materials are lightweight and allow air to circulate keeping the body sweat-free.

* Cool contemporary tops: To break the airport fashion code, switch to top wear that provides comparative ease and a personal touch.

A smart shirt with rolled up sleeves over a plain t-shirt and jeans at bottom will give a fashionable edge to your outfit.

* An added layers: The temperature during takeoff and landing is usually higher while it is significantly lower mid-air.

Layering yourself up can help in adapting to the dynamic temperature by providing an option to remove or add a layer accordingly.

It also takes care of the climate change at the source and destination.

* Graphic T-shirts: A breathable T-shirt is exponentially comfortable than the other options you may consider, and going for a graphic T-shirt will up the cool-factor of your look instantly.

* Comfortable socks: Long flights can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are someone who has a low tolerance for cold.

Not everyone is immune to the low cabin pressure, so it is better to keep yourself amped up with necessary layers.

The best way to deal with ice block for feet is to wear socks. They are a must have to keep your feet warm on a long flight. Don a pair of comfy yet statement-making socks to let your feet do all the talking.

* Caps: Want to draw attention to your airport outfit despite keeping it casual? Pair your outfit with a statement-making cap and stand out amongst the crowd.

Caps are a cool style trick to amp up your outfit and to help disguise your slept-on hair.

* T-shirt dresses: T-shirt dresses are perfect for a short flight.

Hit that sweet spot between comfy and cool with a bright, funky T-shirt dress and club it with your favourite pair of white sneakers.

* Hoodies: Don't want to put in much effort but still want to rock the in-flight fashion? Well, your hoodie got you covered.

Go for a statement-making hoodie.



Source: IANS