Glum-looking ex-speaker Bercow fodder for Twitter humour

London, Dec 13 : A glum-looking former Commons Speaker John Bercow became the butt of Twitterati humour as the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson won a landslide victory in the UK general election.

Conservative Party leader Lord Ashcroft tweeted: "John Bercow doesn't look a happy bunny on Sky News".

It got 99 retweets and 947 likes. One user posted a TV snapshot of the Brexit-meddling former Speaker as he appeared tearful on a TV programme and wrote: "John Bercow looks miserable on Sky News, that's the cherry on top right there".

One post read: "John Bercow on Skynews keeps drinking from his water. Is he swallowing bitter pills?"

"Talk about a fish out of water! Time to take Sally and the kids on a world cruise me thinks, John Bercow.

Never seen a politician so out of place and so gloomy as you. Brexit mischief comes to a sorry end... Karma! LOL," read one post.

"Great to see John Bercow on Sky news looking gutted.... he's got his well-deserved comeuppance," one user commented.



Source: IANS