Goa hotels must check if guests are fully vaccinated: Health Minister

Panaji, Sep 25 : Hotels in Goa should shoulder the responsibility for ensuring that only double vaccinated guests are allowed to check-in, state Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Saturday, days after the state government allowed the re-opening of one of Goa's biggest tourists draw, offshore and onshore casinos with 50 per cent capacity.

Rane also said that visitors to the state should ensure that they carry authentic double vaccination certificates.

"...everyone should insist that when they come to their hotel (are double vaccinated), this is my suggestion..Basically get people on board or do things with people who are double vaccinated. Allow those people who come into Goa who are double vaccinated. That is the only way," Rane told reporters in Panaji.

"As of now we are maintaining whatever it is and people also have to be responsible.

People cannot be irresponsible. People who come into the state should come with authentic double vaccination certificates and several other things," the Health Minister also said, adding that even the rest of the world was using double vaccination as yardstick for allowing entry to tourists and international travellers.



Source: IANS