Goa preps for vaccination drive; 2,350 vials in storage facility

Panaji, Jan 13 : Goa is gearing up to administer the first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, with 23,500 shots arriving in the state on a special flight from Mumbai on Wednesday.

As many as 2,350 vials containing the shots are currently stored in a secured cold facility and will be taken to the notified health centres across Goa, 24 hours prior to the vaccination day.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that at least 19,000 health workers, both from the private and government facilities, had been prioritised for the vaccination in the first round.

"Goa has received 2,350 vials with 10 doses each, totalling up to 23,500 shots of #Covid-19 vaccine, today morning.

The vaccines are being stored appropriately by the authorities, and would be distributed to all the centres 24 hours prior to the vaccination day," Sawant tweeted on Wednesday.

The Goa government has identified five government and three private hospitals for the Covid-19 vaccination drive which is set to begin on January 16.

The five government health facilities include the apex Goa Medical College, two district hospitals and three private facilities -- Manipal Hospital, Victor Apollo hospital and the Healthway Hospital, for the first phase of the vaccination drive.

"Around 19,000 health workers from the government and the private sector have been identified to be vaccinated in the first phase, but on the first day around 100 vaccines will be given from each centre so around 800 persons will be vaccinated," Sawant said.

After the health workers are covered by vaccination, the next in line would be citizens above the age of 50 years.

"Our health systems are geared up and ready to issue the doses.

We have had two trial runs and no substantial issues were noticed," the CM added.



Source: IANS