Goa refuses to let cruise liner enter Mormugao port

Panaji, April 9 : Citing the Centre's guidelines on quarantining of seafarers, the Goa government, here on Thursday, refused to allow a cruise liner with 600 crew -- 100 of them Goans -- to enter the Mormugao Port, Ports Minister Michael Lobo said.

He said the vessel, MS Karnika, operated by Jalesh Cruises, had arrived at the Goa port from Mauritius on Thursday and was carrying 100 Goan crew members on board

"The ship will not be allowed to enter Goa port.

We don't have the authority to bring the ship in. There are MHA guidelines to be followed. They have to follow protocol. Their disembarkment is in Mumbai. The crew have to de-board and stay in 14-day quarantine in Mumbai first," Lobo said.

If they received Covid-19 free certificate, a bus would be sent from Goa to pick them up.

They would again be tested for coronavirus on arrival and would have to stay in 14-day home isolation, he said.

"This is the protocol to be followed," Lobo said.

The Minister said the 100 Goan crew members mostly work as accountants, food and beverage specialists and floor supervisors.

"The rest of the crew are from other parts of Maharashtra," Lobo said.



Source: IANS