Goa to miss Oct-end deadline for 2nd Covid vax dose

Panaji, Oct 26 : Goa may not be in a position to complete its target of 100 per cent coverage of the second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by October 31, even as health officials in the state have planned a mammoth outreach programme to complete the deadline by November-end.

According to state immunisation medical officer Rajendra Borkar, 219 new sub-vaccination centres would be set up across the state on October 31 to facilitate mass administration of the second Covid dose.

"Now that we have completed the target of the first dose, we have reached 105 per cent, we are not worried about that first dose anymore now.

Our focus is now on the second dose. We have covered 71 per cent as far as the second dose is concerned and we are doing fantastic, if you compare all India levels.

All India it is at around 30 per cent.

"Our goal is to cover the second dose at least by November end.

To achieve this target, we are planning a mega camp. We have 40 main vaccination centres, which are vaccinating on a regular basis. We will be going with 219 sub centres to grassroot levels," Borkar told reporters here.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had set October 31 as the deadline for 100 per cent coverage of the second Covid dose in the coastal state.

According to the state Health Ministry statistics, 2.06 lakh persons have taken the first dose in Goa, but have not turned up at vaccination centres for the second dose, even after the lapse of the mandatory 84-day gap between the two shots.

"Around 2,06,000 have taken the first dose, they have also completed 84 days, but they still have not taken the second dose," he said.

Borkar also said that the state government was concerned about the vaccination status of the three to four lakh floating population, which travels to Goa during the tourism season from October to May, as well as the possibility of schools re-opening in the state.

"In Goa, we have a typical situation, that we are dependent on tourism.

We are also planning to start our schools. There is a possibility that those who have not had their second dose, may get infected and they may spread the infection," he said.

According to the Health Ministry figures, 2,359 persons out of the 2,563 persons who died during the second wave, had not even taken a single vaccine shot.

In all, 3,358 persons have died in Goa due to Covid-related complications.



Source: IANS