Google Doodle honours famous Indian artist Jamini Roy

New Delhi [India], Apr. 11 : On his 130th birth anniversary, search engine Google paid special tribute to Indian artist Jamini Roy by sketching an eye-catching Doodle inspired by his Black Horse painting.

One of the most significant early artists in India, Jamini Roy portrayed rural scenario, ordinary people, animals and folk cults of the time and place.

Born into a moderately prosperous family of land-owners in Beliatore village of the Bankura district, West Bengal, Roy went to study at the Government College of Art in Kolkata where he trained in British academic style of painting in 1916.

But when it was time for Roy to develop his style of art, he returned to the folk and craft of his homeland.

When Jamini Roy was learning art and craft of paintings, he was heavily influenced by the wave of nationalism in the country.

He took inspiration from East Asian calligraphy, folk arts and crafts traditions and from the 1920s onwards his paintings reflected the innocence and beauty of rural lives.

Jamini Roy, who died in 1972, received several honours including, Padma Bhushan in 1954 and Viceroy's gold medal in an all India exhibition for one of his work in 1934.

Source: ANI