Govt. has made “mess of demonetisation”: Congress

New Delhi [India], Dec. 20 : The Congress on Tuesday cornered the government over the recent Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announcement on deposits, saying the ruling dispensation has made mess of the November 8 demonetisation drive.

"40 days of demonetisation, 124 notifications this is almost three notifications per day. This government has made a mess of demonetisation," said Congress leader Tom Vadakkan. Commenting on the flip-flops being taken by the government on the issue of demonetisation, Vadakkan said that the Centre has been changing its position on the same every single day.

"The Finance Minister says there is no worry. By December 30, you can deposit your money. Now, they have taken a different position. What is this government up to? If the mess up is to be completed, will they tell us who are the players in this mess up? Starting from the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, RBI governor, who is responsible for this mess? I think the people of the country would like to know," he said.

The RBI earlier on Monday announced that deposits of old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes exceeding Rs. 5000 shall be made only once per account until December 30 but after a satisfactory explanation. Tenders of Specified Bank Notes (SBN) in excess of Rs. 5000 into a bank account will be received for credit only once during the remaining period till December 30, 2016.

The credit in such cases shall be afforded only after questioning the tenderer, on record, in the presence of at least two officials of the bank, as to why this could not be deposited earlier and receiving a satisfactory explanation.

Source: ANI