Govt. should create ‘fear of law’ in criminals: Cong on Darbhanga incident

Darbhanga (Bihar), July 31 : After a Dalit woman in Bihar's Darbhanga district was allegedly beaten and forced to drink her urine by four men claiming her to be a 'witch', the Congress today said that respective state governments must become strict action against such elements and create a 'fear of law' so as to ensure safety of women.

Congress leader Shobha Oza said incidents like these depict as if we do not live in 21st century. "The governments will have to become really strict and strict action must be taken against those elements, who behave with the women in such a manner," she told ANI.

Stating that creating 'fear of law' should be the major responsibly of the governments, Oza said, "The government is answerable to ensure the safety of every citizen, especially the safety of women, Dalits along with weaker sections of the society and it is their duty to keep them safe." A Dalit woman, Arti Devi, was allegedly beaten up and forced to drink her urine on Thursday by four men after being branded as a "witch" in Bihar's Pipra village, alleging that she practiced witchcraft.

An FIR has been lodged against one of the accused, Domu Yadav, and five members of his family..

Source: ANI