Grow a pair: Stephen Colbert ridicules Sean Spicer’s justification on transgender bathroom rollback

New Delhi [India], Feb. 25 : Ouch! Stephen Colbert roasted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer really bad. 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' host, in the latest episode, criticised U.S President Donald Trump's decision to reverse Barack Obama's directive on transgender access to public school bathrooms.

Taking a shot at Spice for defending the decision by stating, "The President has maintained for a long time that this is a State's Rights issue," Colbert mocked, "According to the administration, this wasn't about prosecuting any group, it was strictly a legal concern.oh, grow a pair! Is there a more cowardly phrase than 'this is a state's rights issue'?" He even took a jibe at Trump and said, "He's going to check what they've got down there or something, I'm not sure.

But we should have seen this coming. If there's one thing Trump is famous for, it's telling people where to pee." Adding, "Now the weird thing is that, on the campaign trail, Trump was cool with whatever." For the unversed, on Wednesday, the Trump administration overturned a directive that instructed schools to allow transgender pupils to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities.

Source: ANI