Guduchi ventures into USD 206 billion weight loss market with ‘Obesidat’

New Delhi [India], Nov 11 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): The Ayurvedism Guduchi has announced the nationwide release of the first scientifically proven research based Ayurvedic weight loss tablet Obesidat.

A revolutionary weight loss tablet, which works on correcting the cell to cell metabolism of individuals, will help users lose weight not by suppressing their appetite but by correcting their cell to cell metabolic system.

Guduchi has redefined today's weight loss market by introducing its innovative weight loss tablet that ensures that weight once lost will not be gained back.

Obesidat removes unwanted fat by correcting cell to cell metabolism of an individual, while most of the weight-loss products work by suppressing the appetite which is only a temporary solution.

As soon as Obesidat enters the blood vessels, it initiates cell to cell metabolism and helps in removing bad cholesterol from the blood vessels.

Obesidat prevents the formation of fatty liver by improving the function of the liver and by removing fat particles from the liver.

Obesidat removes plaque from the coronary arteries and is beneficial in heart ailments. It also dissolves plaque present in blood vessels in other parts of the body. Eg: Atherosclerosis of legs. Obesidat enhances insulin release and absorption. This helps in maintaining sugar levels and body weight in diabetic patients. Pricing and availability Obesity is no more a rich man's disease keeping this in the mind Obesidat is priced economically where people can lose weight starting Rs 20/day using Obesidat.

Obesidat is available in all leading pharmacies in Bangalore and in chain pharmacies like Trust and Ayurcentral.

While buyers from other parts of India and Internationals can place the order online on Product development Method Considering the socio-economical and health impacts of Obesity, Team Guduchi took pledge to control Obesity and thus formed a dedicated team of doctors in 2014 June to conduct a research on formulating a fool proof solution to combat obesity.

Our team of doctors referred more than 18 ancient Ayurveda texts and created a unique formulation. This formulation and research was later approved by Department of AYUSH Karnataka. This formulation is further subjected to various critical tests like Acute Oral Toxicity Test and Anti Hyperlipidemia Test along with various quality tests in Ministry of Ayush Approved Research Laboratory.

After successful test results indicated that Obesidat is safe to consume and it does help in reducing the body weight by correcting the cell to cell metabolism, the formulation was later developed in the form of tablet in a GMP certified manufacturing facility.

All the scientific study reports along with the clinical study data are made available to public through the website for interested.


Source: ANI