Gurugram looking for 54K people who missed second dose of Covishield

Gurugram, Sep 23 : The Gurugram health department has identified 54,000 people in the district who have missed their necessary deadline for second dose of the Covishield vaccine.

Dr Virender Yadav, the chief medical officer of Gurugram, said that a list of these beneficiaries has been shared with all health centres.

The health workers have been askd to contact each beneficiary individually and report it to the department so that their vaccination process can be done.

"There are 54,000 people in Gurugram who have completed the prescribed time limit for the second dose till September 22." Yadav said.

He said that after the decision of the State Government to focus on the second dose, the Health Department has made available the list of all the citizens to the concerned Primary Health Centres and directed that these people should be identified and given the second dose of Covishild at the earliest.

Dr MP Singh, the nodal officer and deputy civil surgeon of the vaccination campaign in the district, said that it is seen that some citizens are not serious about getting their second dose.

A reason behind this is yet to be known.

"All the primary health centres in Gurugram have also been directed to take the feedback from the citizens regarding not taking the second dose within the prescribed time limit, so that after reviewing those reasons, possible changes can be made in the further strategy of the vaccination campaign," Singh said.

According to the health department data, Gurugram has now vaccinated over 2.95 million people in the district since January 16, when the vaccination process started.

Yadav appealed to all citizens of the district to get their second dose within the prescribed time limit.

"This pandemic can be overcome only through awareness and joint efforts by all of us," he said.



Source: IANS