Gwen Stefani’s hairstylist sues her for (Dollar) 25 m over ‘Spark the Fire’ credit

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 14 : Gwen Stefani's former hairstylist Richard Morrill is reportedly suing the singer after claiming that did not get credit for a part of the lyrics to her 2014 song 'Spark the Fire'.

According to E! Online, Morrill is suing the 47-year-old singer for 25 million dollars, claiming she stole his lyrics for the pop hit she collaborated on with Pharrell Williams.

Morrill is also suing her producer for not "supervising Stefani" in the writing process. In the documents, the former 'L.A.P.D.' member claims he gave Stefani a copy of his song 'Who's Got My Lightah' in 1998 after she heard it on the sound system while he was styling her hair.

He helped write and record the song for his band at the time and says she copied the chorus for the 2014 hit, changing "Who's got my lightah," into "Who got the lighter? Let's spark the fire." Morrill also claims that the rhythm, melody, and background music during the chorus of 'Spark the Fire' is almost identical to the chorus of 'Who's Got My Lighter,' and they are sung in the same key.

Source: ANI