Hailey Baldwin obsessed about tattoos

Los Angeles, April 13 : Model Hailey Baldwin, daughter of actor Alec Baldwin, says she loves getting her body inked, but her obsession has left her little space for future drawings.

"The heart was kind of aesthetic.

I just think it looks cute. There's no story behind it. I think the really little dainty tattoos are very, like, they are very pretty on girls. And 1996 was the year I was born, so..." Hailey told The Cut.

She tries to space out her tattoos.

"It's always been an idea of mine to get that.

It's just like when I decide when not to get it. I think now I'm going to chill out for a second on the tattoos because I'm running out of spots. (I have) 19. They are little ones, but I like all the little ones. I'm running out of spots to put little ones."

Hailey says wants to get her the names of her children inked when she has them, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"I want to have the spots for that," she added.



Source: IANS