Hard Rock Cafe is all set to take you on World Burger Tour

New Delhi [India], May 30 : The third edition of Hard Rock Cafe's World Burger Tour is back, and ready to take guests on an international adventure- no passport necessary! The World Burger Tour, a limited-time offering of Hard Rock Local Legendary Burgers, has been inspired by the taste and flavors from Cafe locations around the world.

The tour hits tables at Hard Rock Cafe outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad beginning June 1 and continues through July 31, 2017.

-Hometown Heroes This year more than 160 local burgers were evaluated by Hard Rock's culinary team with crowd favorites added to the 2017 World Burger Tour lineup.

Throughout May and June, Hard Rock Cafe menus will feature the following World Burger Tour offerings: THE QUESADILLA BURGER - MEXICO Robust burger mix of polenta, sweet corn, beans, spices and vegetables flavored with tangy enchilada salsa, Swiss cheese, avocado and nacho straws.

THE NEW DELHI Inspired by the capital, known for its vegetarian cuisine that uses fresh ingredients and bold spices, this Double Veggie belly burger has a golden fried spiced veg patty and herbed lentil patty, layered with marinated tomato, tangy sauce and topped with spiced rocket lettuce.

THE RIVIERA BURGER - NICE, FRANCE Incorporating all the rich flavors the Mediterranean coast has to offer, this veggie burger has got everything working for it, and is laced with spicy mango aioli, chimichurri cream, Cheddar cheese and fresh slaw.

TANGO SALSA BURGER - ARGENTINA Much like Argentina's tango, this atomic burger has a massive kick of smoky spiced grilled chicken supreme, laced with honey mustard sauce, layered with Cheddar cheese in perfect harmony with green apple and rocket slaw.

LEBANESE BURGER - LEBANON This one-of-a-kind burger reflects the diverse flavors that influence Lebanese culture.

Shawarma spiced chicken patty, garlic hummus aioli, kofta spiced onion, mushroom, peppers and creamy feta crumble.

THE SUCKER PUNCH - LAS VEGAS Get set for this two tonne rib tickler, beef burger, stuffed with oozing Cream cheese, cheddar and jalapeno, topped with coleslaw, bacon and succulent boneless pulled pork, all smothered in spicy tangy sauce.

THE TENNESSEE BBQ BURGER - MEMPHIS, TN - USA Memphis is the BBQ capital of the world and this burger supports that title.

We keep Memphis BBQ traditions alive with a beef patty loaded with Zippy Sauce and melted Chedder cheese, fried egg, Memphis BBQ pulled chicken and crunchy onion frizzle.

As part of the World Burger Tour menu, Hard Rock Cafes will also showcase the brand's world-famous cocktails, including: DOUBLE TROUBLE ICED TEA (FOR 2) A Tangy orange, sweet (and) sour mix topped with six wild spirits and a splash of coke.Not for the faint of heart! LOVE IS IN THE AIR Dark (and) delicious here with five spirits,red wine and a hint of lychee to make this lovely concoction irresistible.

CRANBERRY (and) ORANGE MOJITO Tangy cranberry, sweet Malta orange juice andfresh oranges blends well with Bacardi carta Blanca rum, fresh lime and mint leaves BULLDOG MARGARITA A cascade of beer into a frozen margarita.

CRANBERRY (and) LYCHEE MARGARITA Freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila, lychee,cranberries and our secret ingredient split over rocks.

ALL JACKED UP This killer combo of Jim Beam whiskey, Captain Morgan's spiced rum and honey mixed with pineapple juice will give you that extra kick your night deserves! HANGMANS BLOOD Dark rum, whiskey, brandy, gin, red wine, sweet (and) sour mix topped with beer.

WATERMELON HOEDOWN Vodka, watermelon juice, lemonade and topped with beer. Let your spirits soar as you let your hair down and get the chance to Earn Your Burger at the World Burger Tour.

Need a better excuse to showcase your talents? Our open mic is hungry to witness your charm. The best and the worst voted performer gets the glorious chance to win a free scrumptious burger. Win or lose, all performers get 20% discount on burgers too. "Hard Rock Cafe is all about innovation and uniqueness. We strongly work towards enhancing guest experience and love surprising them with our new offerings. With World Burger Tour 2017, we have curated a menu that takes you on a journey across the world all under one roof.

From the tangy flavors of Mexico to the bold spices of New Delhi, from the meaty flavors of United States to loaded burgers from Las Vegas, the festival has something to cater to each one's distinctive palate.

So gear up to have a legendary time at Hard Rock Cafe with music and burgers galore!" said Jay Singh, Co - Founder and Executive Director, JSM Corporation India.

Local Legendary Burgers are served with the freshest lettuce, tomato and paired with the ultimate sidekick - Hard Rock's Savory Artisan French Fries.

Throughout the World Burger Tour, each French fry selection is paired with a complementary signature dipping sauce.

Guests can choose from Hard Rock's classic seasoned French fries or additional new offerings, including Garlic Fries with Garlic Aioli and Spiced Curry Fries with Tandoori Mayonnaise.

Source: ANI