Haryana produces 10.54 lakh quintals of sugar

Chandigarh, Dec 31 : Cooperative sugar mills in Haryana have produced 10.54 lakh quintal of sugar by crushing 117.91 lakh quintal of sugarcane, an official said on Sunday.

The cooperative sugar mill in Shahabad has crushed a maximum of 20.72 lakh quintals of sugarcane with the production of over 1.96 lakh quintals of sugar, a Sugarfed spokesperson told IANS.

The cooperative mill in Rohtak recorded the second highest with crushing of 18.18 lakh quintals of sugarcane and producing 1.57 lakh quintals of sugar.

Similarly, the cooperative sugar mill in Kaithal has crushed 12.49 lakh quintal of sugarcane and produced 1.13 lakh quintal of sugar.



Source: IANS