Hasina urges Awami League to elect a new leader

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Oct. 23 : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the councillors of Awami League to elect a new leadership and relieve her from duty.

"I want to elect a new leader and strengthen the party in my lifetime," the Dhaka Tribune quoted Hasina as saying to the councillors, who gathered in Dhaka for the party's 20th national council meeting.

She was speaking on the second day of the council at the Institution of Engineers building in the city's Ramna area on Sunday.

However, the councillors were seen shouting "No! No!" Amid the din, some were even heard saying that they would boycott the vote if Hasina did not stay.

Hasina, who has been carrying the mantle of Awami League's presidency for 35 years, said, "Awami League is my family.

I have given Awami League more time than I have my children. I am over 70 now. It is time for new leaders." The party president calming down the protesting councillors said, "Please sit down.

Let's see what happens in the election. Nevertheless, I want you to elect a new leadership." Pacifying her party leaders, Hasina said that she would continue to work with them even if she leaves her position.

Hasina said that as long as she is alive, she will be working for the party..

Source: ANI