Hasina urges countrymen to be vocal against culprits defaming Islam

Dhaka, Aug.3 : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday urged the nation to be vocal against culprits defaming Islam before the world through killing innocent people.

Hasina made the plea while inaugurating the hajj programme for 2016 at Hajji Camp. "Those undermining our holy religion getting derailed from the right path, I urge the whole nation to be vocal against them," the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

Hasina requested the parents and teachers to remain alert so that no youth could be derailed. She said that Islam is the religion of peace, and there is no place for militancy and terrorism in it.

"I feel pain and sorrow when I see some derailed people killing innocent people in cold blood... Are they doing anything good for Islam? Instead, they are undermining it before others," she added. She said that those culprits creating a phobia among people about Islam were defaming it. She reiterated her firm stance not to allow any sort of terrorism and militancy on the soil of this country.

Source: ANI