Helping decode what women mean: BharatMatrimony social campaign

New Delhi [India], Mar. 13 : As part of International Women's day activity, a social media study was conducted, on 'Understanding Women,' to decode what women think and help men understand them better.

Generating over 1900 responses in two hours, Bharatmatrimony attempted to help understand women better by decoding what they actually mean while they speak the following phrases: -I want an independent man - She wants a man who does not depend on her or a man who can take decisions on his own! -I am not ready - She is not ready or she does not like being asked such questions! -Don't judge me by the clothes I wear - She does not like being judged by the clothes she wears since clothes don't define or have anything to do with her character or the way she thinks -I need respect and not attention - She is asking you to respect her opinion as respect lasts longer than attention -I need some space - She needs her 'me' time or she means that she needs time to take important decisions -Maybe -She means a 'NO' or she will think and get back -I don't think I am ready for this - She knows herself well or she wants to know how much you would pursue her -I have an opinion about things - She should be heard and that she has a mind of her own! -We can be just good friends - She means good friends make good life partners or that she just sees you as a friend and nothing more -Never mind I will do it myself - Either she is self-dependent or she does not like the way you are handling it Speaking about the study, Kaushik Tiwari, head - marketing, Bharatmatrimony says, "The man-woman relationship is very interesting, but at times it could be challenging too because men sometimes misread what women say.

Through this social media campaign, we attempted to decode what women mean, by offering them a platform to share their views.

This was also to help men understand women better.".

Source: ANI