Here’s how new-age apps are redefining fitness norms

New Delhi [India], Oct. 21 : Everybody is talking about getting fit. People are realising the need to step out, get moving and make a conscious effort at getting fit. More and more people are searching the keywords "gyms" and "fitness studios" on Google every day, trying to find convenient and economical ways get the ball rolling.

Fitness is top of mind now but, in India, fitness is inaccessible. Outdoors is a very restrictive option with no running tracks, no cycling tracks, pollution, poor air quality, weather and others.

This is further aggravated as gyms and fitness studios charge a year's fee upfront, can get monotonous, and become inconvenient due to fixed schedules and lengthy travel times.

Working out just doesn't work out! However, stepping into the new age of smartphones and technology led interventions; even fitness is set for an overhaul.

Mobile based applications such as FITPASS are leading the charge in removing these inefficiencies in the market through technology and helping users by making fitness super affordable and accessible.

Fitness enthusiasts are already considering these apps to be a boonas they offer unhindered access to gym workouts, yoga, zumba, pilates, aerobics, kickboxing, spinning, boot-camp, MMA and many other workouts while being light on the pocket.

From newbies to fitness trainers, this variety in workouts serves a wide spectrum of users. Health-conscious individuals across the world are experimenting with newer and better ways to stay fit.

New-age workouts such as zumba, pilates, and crossfit, for example, are witnessing a significant surge in demand owing to their intense workout regimes and quick results.

More and more people are now customizing their workout routines, introducing different new-age workouts to achieve their goal, busting the myth of spot reduction.

Fitness apps help them access all the workouts in their tailor-made routine. These apps help their partner gyms and fitness studios at zero cost. On top of the additional revenues, this includes marketing, cloud services to manage business needs, detailed analytics and insights on user behaviour.

Partner gyms and fitness studios benefit from enhanced visibility and efficient infrastructure utilisation.

The rise of such services has also increased the flexibility of workouts for fitness enthusiasts. Having tie-ups with several fitness studios across geographies, these new-age apps offer the most eclectic fitness services to its users who can choose to workout at any of its associate fitness studios at their preferred time.

Fitness is not burdened by the urban commute any longer, with workouts available across the city- near home, office, mall, etc.

Cab hailing service within the app makes it a seamless fitness experience, significantly increasing consumer satisfaction.

To offer more choice to the user, top quality nutritional and health supplements, sportswear, athletic merchandise, etc.

at exclusively lowest prices can be purchased through our app itself. To offer more choice to the user emerging fitness platforms have taken it upon themselves to provide top quality nutritional and health supplements to their users at the lowest prices.

The entire market is brimming with counterfeit products difficult to differentiate from original products.

Tying up with leading supplement brands, removes this concern for their users. Associations with such platforms also help supplement brands in eliminating the redundant supply chain comprising wholesaler, dealers, and merchants, as these apps acquire the desired product directly from the brand (or importer) and deliver it straight to the consumer.

In addition to health supplements, sportswear, athletic merchandise, etc. also available on the app, makes it a one stop solution for all fitness needs. With the growing prominence of these mobile-based applications, we are witnessing an era of seamless fitness training across various geographies.

With rapid technological enhancement and development of more consumer-centric products and services, a paradigm shift has been observed in the fitness industry.

Tech, truly, is emerging as the perfect enabler for fitness enthusiasts to maintain a healthy lifestyle by fulfilling all their fitness requirements.

Source: ANI