Here’s how your social media handle can increase your recruitment possibilities

New Delhi [India], Oct. 1 : In the rapid moving world of today the process of getting a job does not merely depend on an individuals' resume, experience and technical skills.

So to get chosen for his dream job one also needs to brand himself on social media. As soon as your resume gets shortlisted, the recruiters scrutinize the applicant's social media handles to peek into their lifestyle to understand a potential employee.

An incomplete LinkedIn profile will make recruiters perceive you as a careless and unorganized person, whereas a complete and up-to-date profile is the first and most basic way to look like a professional.

Pankaj Rahul Singh, founder and COO at TSD Corp said that the most important point to keep in mind while working on the social media profile is to choose the words and pictures carefully.

"An individual's posts, pictures are seen by many people. An inappropriate picture or post will surely invite disgrace. Recruiters will never hire employees, who are capable to bring down company's values and image," he said.

Adding, "Check your posts twice for grammatical errors nobody will judge you for using you mother tongue.

Use whatever language you are comfortable with but make sure it is grammatically correct and can be easily understood by other person familiar with that language." Writing in a hurry and reading the posts twice to avoid errors and misinterpretation, is important.

"Be aware of current affairs and participate in the discussions. No matter whichever industry you belong to, an up to date, smart employee, who has an opinion is always appreciated.

Nobody wants to hire someone who is unaware of the world around him or is least interested to share his thoughts and participate in the discussion," said Singh.

Another important point is to post regularly. Everyday post will add value to your brand. "Let your profile speak for your work. Your profile should inform people about your skills, hobbies and experience. If you are into creative writing make sure all your posts puts your skill on display, if you are a photographer you can use Instagram and even if you have won the best employee recognition or awards, post your pictures with them.

Sometime it is good to show off," he said. Adding, "Build your network. Nothing will work unless you don't take time to build your network. A good network will help you all the way. Connecting, following, liking, and engaging with professionals in your field can help you enhance your network and get involved in discussions and debates.

Replying to comments, posting, updating and retweeting can assist you in reaching more people and gather enhanced followers.".

Source: ANI