Here’s why Big-B is sleep deprived

New Delhi, Aug. 18 : He is 73-year-old, but as Karan Johar says, Amitabh Bachchan is "the youngest man" in the industry.

This is yet again proved by his last night Blogpost. Big-B penned his yesterday's schedule in his Blog, which can leave everyone awestruck. "I sleep deprive, I meet SARKAR 3, I approve design for launch, I give an important and pertinent input, I UMANG at nearby College fest to introduce PINK song 'Jeene De ..', I reach Film City immediately and rehearse several times for ANKHEN 2 launch, I dress the dress that is not made for me, I wait back stage for cue, the LED does not open on time, I manage with the screams of presence, I applaud the presence of the others, on stage and online, I respond to media soon after, I leave to be with Sports at #Rio2016, applaud the women's wrestling for India and victory, I download the pictures for Blog and elsewhere, I am now on 3:35 am, I sleep now .." he wrote.

Other than the mahurat of 'Ankhein 2' and launch of 'PINK's anthem song 'Jeene De,' what grabs the eyeballs is his "meet SARKAR 3." Looks like, some great news about this Ram Gopal Varma flick is awaiting! Further in the blog, the 'Wazir' actor got a bit philosophical and spoke about the inner 'I' that is the subconscious mind within a person.

"DELETE ALL THE 'I's' from the entire text, please .. please .. that is not me .. the I's .. that is another within me .. it is him that I despise and dislike .. just overlook and ignore this specimen of egomatic subconscious ailment .. such a joy to construct words and forms instantly .. hahehahaa .. !!!!".

Source: ANI