Hillary Clinton a favourite with international media

By Smita Prakash New York [USA], Nov. 9 : With barely few hours left for the announcement of the results of the much awaited US presidential elections, the international media has come in support of Hillary Clinton, saying the Democratic presidential hopeful is more supportive and people feel more connected to her as compared to her Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Colombian journalist Andrea Aguilar, who works for Caracol Radio, told ANI in an exclusive conversation that the Columbian people would prefer the Democratic presidential nominee than her Republican opponent because she is more tilted towards the Columbian Government.

"Trump dismissed all the Latin people whereas Hillary is more supportive for the Colombian Government and for the economy of the country.

We are in the middle of a peace process and we need United States' support and Hillary is there for us," she said.

Expressing similar sentiments, another Colombian scribe Edwin Giraldo, who works for Blu Radio in Colombia, said if Hillary becomes the US President then she is then more likely to continue with the support policy towards Colombia like incumbent Barack Obama.

"Colombia is in the middle of a peace process between the civilian government and the rebel group called FARC.

They have been in an internal war for 60 years. They came to an agreement last September. However, the people in my country rejected the referendum that was going to ratify such an agreement. In that regard, it is important to say that the United States Government, with President Barack Obama, has been very supportive of such an agreement.

And if Hillary Clinton wins this election, she is likely to continue with that policy of support to our country," Giraldo said.

"On the other hand, we still don't have any information what Donald Trump would do with our county. We know that he has made some business in Colombia and Panama. We even learnt that one of his sons had a meeting with President Santos some years ago. But it is still a big question for us what would happen to our country if Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States," he added.

Romanian Journalist Claudiu Lucaci, who works for Romanian Public TV, said the people in his country consider Hillary as a better option as they feel more connected with her.

"As journalist it does not matter to us whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but it does matter a lot for our countrymen.

Romania is in Europe and a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the military and political alliance.

So, it's very important who is going to be the next President of the United States. Could be Donald Trump, that is not a very fashionable thing for us," Lucaci said. "The people are not so connected with Donald Trump but Romanians know very much about Hillary Clinton because she was the Secretary of State, she was one of our partners and ally.

So, we consider in Romania that Hillary Clinton is a better option than Donald Trump. We don't know what Donald Trump will have to do in the future when it comes to NATO but we are worried about it," he added.

Meanwhile, Trump has emerged victorious in Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana while Clinton surged ahead in Vermont as early results seep in.

Source: ANI