Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine as running mate

Washington, July 23 : U S Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has picked Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her choice for vice president and running mate, for the upcoming national elections. "I'm thrilled to announce my running mate, @TimKaine, a man who's devoted his life to fighting for others," Clinton tweeted, reports the CNN. She will introduce her new partner at a campaign rally Saturday in Miami. It's also a chance for Kaine, a fluent Spanish speaker, to introduce Clinton to Latino voters, who are a critical section of the electorate. Earlier, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice-presidential pick. A senator and former governor Virginia and a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Kaine, 58, has long been seen as a seasoned and safe choice for Clinton, who could help gain support among white working-class voters. Born in Minnesota and raised in Kansas, Kaine graduated from the University of Missouri. He went to Harvard Law School, but before graduating, served a year as a missionary in the Honduras. The Clinton campaign selected Kaine over a roster of at least three other senators and two Cabinet secretaries to Obama. Advisers to Clinton see Kaine as a stable force on the bottom of the ticket. With nearly three years of experience in the Senate, Kaine has significant foreign policy credentials. He serves on both the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, emerging as a leading proponent of pushing the administration to consult with Congress before engaging in military action. Kaine is well known inside the Democratic Party, serving as its national chairman during the first years of the Obama administration.