Himachal promotes bee keeping

Shimla, Nov 18 : Bee keeping in Himachal Pradesh is not only important for the growth of honey production but also for the biological and economic role played by the bees.

The state is one of the biggest producers of fruits in the country with nearly 2.5 lakh hectares of land under fruit cultivation.

Keeping in mind the productivity of fruits in the state, the process of pollination by bees become very important.

The state government has started the "Mukhya Mantri Madhu Vikas Yojna" to encourage beekeeping.

Under this scheme, assistance is being provided to Himachali farmers.

The scheme is focussed on developing small apiaries, popularisation of honey and other bee products.

Under the scheme, assistance is being provided for the keeping of bee colonies with a maximum of 50 colonies.

Each beekeeper will be given 80 per cent (Rs 1,600) of the cost (Rs 2,000 per bee colony) for 50 bee colonies per beneficiary.

There is a similar scheme for bee hives.In addition, under the Horticulture Mission there is a provision for providing 50 per cent subsidy on the production of bee colonies to the beekeepers by which Rs 5 lakh is being provided.



Source: IANS