Himachal university to give yoga tips to Chinese

Shimla, Feb 5 : A private university in Himachal Pradesh has signed an agreement with a Chinese varsity for yoga lessons, officials said on Monday.

Shoolini University Vice Chancellor P.K.

Khosla has signed an MoU with Yunnan Minzu University under an exchange programme that will commence on International Yoga Day -- June 21.

To spread India's traditional knowledge worldwide and introduce the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi -- a form of martial arts that enables mental and physical fitness -- Shoolini University will be sending a five-member delegation headed by the Vice Chancellor to the Chinese university.

Under the exchange programme, students from the Chinese varsity will be studying for one semester at Shoolini University, based in Solan town and the first in northern India to offer a unique job-oriented programme in yoga.

The university has also recently been accorded sanction by the central government to set up a 100-bed hospital, being set up to impart knowledge and practices of yoga sciences and meditation with the aid of naturopathic medications for health and wellbeing.



Source: IANS