Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic to increase workforce by 20% in India

New Delhi, Feb 6 : In line with its aim to become a (Dollar) 1 billion firm by 2021, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, the IT infrastructure solutions unit of Hitachi Systems, on Tuesday announced it would increase its workforce by 20 per cent by hiring more women employees in India.

The New Delhi-based company currently has over 2,000 employees at more than 20 offices and 180 service centres across the country.

"We want to enable women to undertake leadership roles in the IT industry.

The past trend in India has shown that women are employed to desk jobs rather than assuming roles in the field," said Tarun Seth, Managing Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

"We want to make this conscious shift and encourage women to become an integral part of the workforce of the IT industry," he added.

The thrust on hiring talent is driven by the rapid disruption and inroads to automation, digital and cloud computing.

For college recruitment, an all-India campus hiring process will begin in Tier II colleges offering specialised IT courses, the company said.

"The conscious decision to recruit graduates from Tier II colleges is aimed at hiring bright and ambitious students by not only focusing at Tier I institutes but also towards the quality of students and the culture of the university," the company said in a statement.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has witnessed more than 50 per cent growth in the past few years.



Source: IANS