How Apple makes sure your hearing is not impacted

New Delhi, March 3 : As the Indian market gets flooded with all kinds of wearables and wireless earphones/headphones, monitoring your daily audio exposure is critical as long exposure to sound can impact hearing abilities in the long term.

On the World Hearing Day that fell on Wednesday, your iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch can measure your headphone audio levels so you can monitor your audio exposure over the past hour, day, week, month or year in the Health app.

The Noise app on Apple Watch also measures ambient sound levels in your environment to identify when the decibel level could negatively impact your hearing.

If sounds are too loud, Apple Watch users can receive alerts with a tap on the wrist. All your information is stored in the Health app for easy access to your data.

"Whether you're listening to music, watching a movie, or talking to a loved one, Headphone Accommodations help you customise your audio experience to make the world sound crisp and clear," according to Apple.

Amplify soft sounds and adjust certain sound frequencies based on your individual hearing needs.

If you already have your own audiogram, you can add it to your settings. If not, you'll walk through a series of listening tests that allow you to set up as many as nine unique profiles based on your personal sound preferences.

Sound Recognition feature listens for certain sounds and uses on-device intelligence to notify you when a specific sound is detected.

"Whether you're using your iPhone or iPad, you'll receive a notification when a particular type of sound or alert, such as a fire alarm or doorbell, is detected," according to the company.

Stereo recordings usually have distinct left- and right-channel audio tracks.

"Mono Audio can help streamline the differences by playing both audio channels in both ears.

You can adjust the balance for greater volume in either ear, so you won't miss a single note of a concerto or word of an audiobook," reads the information on the company's Accessibility page.



Source: IANS