How to choose perfect Nursing Bra? Here’s the answer

New Delhi, Aug 4: Motherhood and entering the world of breast-feeing is the most enjoyable phase of a woman's life, but it can also come with certain agonies.

Hence the right lingerie and breastfeeding gear is very essential to sync with the body's need. Neha Kant, co-founder of Clovia and a mother, on the World Breastfeeding Week, has come up with some do's and dont's that one should be aware of while buying nursing bras to get the max out of it.

Firstly, tt's all about the right fit. Buy your nursing bra towards the end of your third trimester just before your baby arrives, around the 8th month.

This is because your size at this time is usually what your size would be post delivery when your body has learned to regulate its milk supply.

Apart from fit, the next important thing to be considered is the cup. Cups need to be breathable, made from soft and stretchable fabric like cotton. Your breast size constantly changes before and after feeding. So the stretchable material will help the cup adjust accordingly. It should also be seamless so as to avoid irritation over the nipples. Thirdly, Buy a bra which is fixed on the last hook of the back band. The wider the hook, the better. Next, purchase a bra with lightly padded absorbent lining and also remember while trying to keep space in your cup that you can adjust a nursing pad if required to prevent leaking.

Absorbent lining helps to prevent mild secretion but when you are stepping out with your baby or going to work it is always advisable to wear nursing pads to avoid embarrassing situations.

The bra should also have robust and firm under band, as they take around 80 percent of your bra's weight.

From the hygiene point of view, it is always advisable to have at least two or three nursing bras so that they there is one available to wear, one to wash and the other is a backup.

Finally, choose a bra that makes you feel good..

Source: ANI