How to follow eco-friendly lifestyle

New Delhi, June 9 : As a responsible citizens, everyone should do their bit and contribute to Eco-friendly lifestyle in their own small way.

Did you know, something as small as the oil you use and even your beauty routine can be eco-friendly as well?

Gautam Dhar, CEO and Executive Director at Divine Organics and Abhinandan Dhoke, CEO, Organic India list down some quick tips that you can follow in your daily routine that will go a long way for the environment:

* Choose brands that are vegan, organic, not tested on animals and not laden with chemicals, enhance the overall quality of life without harming the environment.

To have a radiant lifestyle, do make sure that you keep away from synthetic formulas, and only use certified organic products to your daily regime.

* As Global Citizens, one should be eco-conscious and aware of the harmful impacts that even the smallest thing such as packaging of products, can have on the environment.

Choose products that are packed in either cartons made up of eco-friendly recyclable material or where the product packaging is 100 per cent bio-degradable.

* Look out for products that have an organic certification.

This implies that they have been grown organically and abide by the regulations. Organic agriculture preserves the Earth's ecosystem and prevents several forms of pollution.

* An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy locally produced products.

When you shop locally instead of buying products that were shipped from far away, you are actually supporting local brands.

Processed goods take a lot of energy, first for processing part and then, the fuel consumption in transportation.



Source: IANS