How to make your canvas shoes stand out

New Delhi, May 17 : If you want to change your style statement this season, start with your shoes. While fashion trends are always seasonal, there are ways on how one can ensure to keep up with the latest footwear trends.

Saket Agarwal, Founder at Lazy Jojo and Deepika Meha, Founder at Vanilla Moon shoes list the ways to make your canvas shoes standout.

* Funky patterns: While white canvas shoes rule the roost, we can definitely not turn a blind eye to doodles and patterns.

Who would not love to have those Donuts printed on their shoes or even psychedelic prints on their shoes? One can easily customise their sneakers from various brands that have stepped into the shoe market.

* Multicolour shoe laces : Ever thought of spicing up your white sneakers with multicolour laces? Multicolour shoe laces can quirk up your white sneakers, making them look entirely different and creative.

* LED shoe laces: LED shoes laces are the perfect companion of your shoes when you want to step out for parties.

Just ensure you choose the right colour of LED laces to match with your shoes.

* Quirky fishnets: Let's go wearing a basic coloured shoe but coupled with quirky fishnets.

Basic and plain coloured shoes when teamed-up with quirky patterned fish nets can give a classy yet minimal look.

* It's time to paint your shoes : If you want some epic galaxy sneakers, all you need are some black shoes, blue and white fabric paint.

If you want you can also add some purple and pink for a little girly touch. Make beautiful gradient galaxies and decorate them with tons of stars.



Source: IANS