Hurriyat has no right to say it is being pressurised: Congress

New Delhi [India], Aug. 30 : The Congress Party on Monday hit out at the Hurriyat Conference for describing the summoning of Nayeem Zafar Geelani, Syed Geelani's elder son, by the National Investigative Agency (NIA) in connection with a probe into suspected terror funds as a "pre-planned psychological crackdown," saying the separatist body has no grounds to make this assertion.

"I don't know about putting pressure on the Hurriyat, even the Hurriyat puts pressure on us. What is Hurriyat, it is an organistaion which orchestrates stone throwing activities. They take money from Pakistan. It has been playing the politics of putting pressure for long," Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI.

He said Geelani should instead let the investigative agency do its work. Reacting to the summons, the Hurriyat, on Monday, said that Geelani's family is being "terrified and maligned in a well knit conspiracy of Indian imperialist agencies." "After miserably and humiliatingly failing to curb and contain the current mass uprising by all the military might, the Indian government is frustrated to the extent that they frame and arrest pro-freedom leaders and activists on the pre-planned psychological crackdown, so that they surrender and stop voicing the sentiments of their nation, thereby covering and shielding their atrocities and barbarism against common and unarmed people," the Hurriyat statement read.

The summoning pertains to a preliminary enquiry registered by the NIA to probe the flow of funds into various bank accounts from overseas which are allegedly being used for terrorism Nayeem Geelani is a doctor who was in Pakistan for 12 years before returning to the Kashmir Valley in November 2010.

Source: ANI