Hyderabad: Man held for having unnatural sex with dead female dog

Telangana [India], Oct. 24 : In a shocking incident, a man has been arrested here for having unnatural sex with a dead female dog.

22-year-old Aslam Khan, who hails from Delhi and came to Hyderabad few days back to meet his friends as per his statement, is being investigated the police for the act.

As per the Mailardevpally police, Mohammed Jahangir had a female pet dog in his house at Shastripuram, and he heard a noise from outside his house in the wee hours and told his son to enquire.

Jahangir's children were then shocked to see Khan violating the corpse of the dog and immediately alerted their father, who then called the police.

Reports of extreme cruelty towards animals, especially dogs have been emerging across the nation for a while.

Earlier, a group of teenagers shared a horrifying three minute video from their cell phone of them throwing terrified puppies into the fire and then using sticks to prevent the helpless little ones from escaping.

Three months ago, two medical students in Chennai threw a dog from the roof and filmed its horrific fall.

Luckily the dog survived and the accused were held..

Source: ANI