I am scared of ‘Chambal resident’ Ram Gopal Yadav’s threats, says Amar Singh

New Delhi [India], Oct. 27 : Samajwadi Party Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh on Thursday said he is scared about the threats coming from expelled party leader Ram Gopal Yadav, as the latter has his roots in the one-time dacoit-infested region of Chambal and has used both a carbine and a pen.

Singh told ANI that he hasn't called Ram Gopal Yadav 'impotent', and added that one should show audio or video as proof that he did.

"Ram Gopal is intelligent and strong. He is intelligent, that's why I was forced to leave the party. He said earlier too that he got me sacked from the party and will do the same in the future. He is very powerful as well because he started his career in politics from Chambal. When there was a danger on Charan Singh, Ram Gopal Yadav used to carry a carbine to protect him. He is a person who has used the carbine as well as the pen. I have two young daughters, and right now, I am scared after Ram Gopal Yadav's threatening statement," Singh added.

Ram Gopal Yadav had on Tuesday said, "People will teach these leaders a lesson. The party leaders are being misguided." He also took a jibe at Amar Singh and said-"Even in economics this happens, khota sikka ne asli sikke ko market se bahaar kar diya".

(Bad money drived out good money from the market) Ram Gopal Yadav had on Monday dared party leaders Shivpal Singh and Amar Singh to speak against him and come out unscathed.

Source: ANI