I feel weak in low altitude but fit in mountains: Anshu Jamsenpa

New Delhi [India], June 5 : Famed mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa, who is a source of inspiration to many, says she feels weak and unhealthy in low altitude but fit in mountains.

The Arunachalee climber holds the record for climbing Mount Everest for a record five times. "One thing is that I am very passionate about mountaineering. This is something I really love doing it because when I am in the low altitude, I always feel that I am not very healthy and feel weak," Jamsenpa said in an exclusive conversation with ANI.

"When I go to mountains, I feel I am very fit. I really enjoy climbing. I always feel that as a part of the society, we should all contribute towards it. Through my climbing, I feel I inspire so many people. I meet so many people and they say that 'you are inspiring us and we got the motivation from you'. "The love and the respect that I get from the people is just amazing. All these things have kept me motivated to keep climbing the mountains," she added. On Monday, the famed mountaineer met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "It was a great opportunity to meet Prime Minister Modi.

He assured that mountaineering will be included in the national sports policy," she said. The 37-year-old, a mother of two, further stated that her family always motivates her and serve as a guiding spirit.

Last month, Jamsenpa set the world record for becoming the first woman climber to reach the top of Mount Everest twice within five days.

"I was trying to achieve this feat since 2011 and I had to struggle a lot because mountaineering is a very expensive sport.

I had to struggle a lot," she shared. She said there were many obstacles but she was adamant that if she gave up, she would always regret about it.

Expressing her ardent desire, the famed mountaineer said, "I want to lead an all-women expedition to Mount Everest." Earlier, Jamsenpa had scaled the Mount Everest twice within 10 days in May 2011 before again climbing the highest peak on May 18 in 2013.

With her previous expeditions, she already held the record of being the only woman in the world to climb the top of the world's tallest peak twice in a single season.

Source: ANI